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USM Fellowship Scheme

USM Fellowship Scheme

The USM Fellowship Scheme is a prestigious postgraduate funding programme awarded by the University to outstanding postgraduates who have passions in research and demonstrate leadership qualities. This Fellowship is offered to full-time academically outstanding local and international research mode candidates on a yearly basis. Under the tutelage of their supervisors, USM Fellowship recipients are trained in academic writing and publishing to enable them to become effective researchers.

Financial Assistance

The USM Fellowship covers tuition and thesis examination fees. A monthly stipend is also provided.The amount varies from year to year as displayed in the following table.

 Year  Master  PhD
 1st  RM1,500.00  RM2,100.00
 2nd  RM1,800.00  RM2,300.00
 3rd    RM2,500.00

Master candidates may be funded for a maximum of two years while PhD candidates, up to three years.

The cost of other fees, and expenses like travelling, personal bond, health insurance, visa, are not included and are borne by the candidate themselves. Applicants are encouraged to obtain fundings from other sources to pay for these items.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Applicable for non-registered students or students in their first 2 semesters of their candidature.


  • Applicants pursuing Master’s degree :

1) Bachelor's Degree with a CGPA>3.25 or an equivalent qualification recognized by the Malaysian  Government.

2) Preferences are given to those who had paper(s) sent/accepted/published in ISI/SCOPUS/ERA journals.

3) Eligible only for FULL-TIME research mode students.

  • Applicants pursuing Doctoral degree :

1) Master’s Degree by coursework/mixed mode with CGPA>3.25 or Master’s Degree by research mode or an equivalent qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government.

2) At least has one journal published in ISI/SCOPUS/ERA.

3) Eligible only for FULL-TIME research mode students.

Other Requirements

  • Academic honours, awards and scholarships.
  • Other postgraduate degrees.
  • Conference papers.
  • Past relevant research.
  • Community service experience.

We strongly recommend that all applicants to apply online and submit their application and all required documents well before the closing date. Incomplete applications will not be entertained. The date of application will be announced through our website from time to time.

Students with financial assistance (e.g., NSF/PGD/IDB/RLKA/ASTS) are not eligible to apply.

Publication Requirement

Fellowship holders are required to submit prove of manuscript submission to the University during the first funded year. This action may contribute towards the extension of the fellowship.

USM Fellowship holders are required to publish in high impact factor or in peer reviewed journals. The publication requirement at the to levels of postgraduate studies are :

  • Master level : minimum of one(1) publication
  • PhD level : minimum of two (2) publications

Any publication due to this requirement must acknowledge the support of USM Fellowship.

USM holds and reserves the right to publications and all intellectual property rights supported by and arising from USM Fellowship.


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