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How to enter Malaysia as a student?

Currently, Malaysian Immigration Department requires students from certain nationalities to apply Single Entry Visa from authorised Malaysian Embassy at the students' home country. In order to do so, students are required to obtain a Visa With Reference (VWR) Letter prior to their visit to the Malaysian Embassy. There are also nationalities who may directly entering Malaysia without Single Entry Visa but required to have the Approval Letter. (Refer to the Visa Application Procedures).

USM Visa Office will apply the VWR Letter or Approval Letter on behalf of students to the Malaysian Immigration Department and USM International Office will send out the letter once we have received them (in 1-2 months period).

Once they have arrived in Malaysia and USM, USM Visa Office will assist the students in converting their Single Entry Visa to Student Visa or Professional Visa. This procedure normally takes between 2 to 3 weeks.

You can click on the button to see the visa application procedures

# FULL TIME STUDENTS (student pass) Student Visa application procedure    


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